Taking care of family is taking care of business first!

I facilitate Farm/Ranch Income Tax Returns, Business Succession and Estate Planning,
and I like to keep things…

Every farm succession planning “how-to booklet” and article I’ve read over the past 20+ years says that folks who want to exit their farms and businesses successfully need to do a few things.  In my professional experience, when facilitating your planning, I focus on three elements:
Income tax returns with audit protection.

Exploring the processes for exiting your farm and business, with the commitment required to achieve on-going success.

Facilitating the process for the transition and succession of your family business and farm.

In the process we discuss the importance of:

Certified Business Facilitator.  A big part of my life is your life. 

Learn about me and what other clients and professionals have to say about me.

I’m a member the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors (CAFA) and some other professional estate planning organizations, and a son of a farming family.  I know how things go.
Proper and complete Income Tax reporting. 

A nationally recognized law firm versed in shareholder and partnership agreements, wills, estates and trusts.

Qualified Financial Service Professionals to help manage risk.
And finally and more importantly… farmers and business owners require FBC's expertise and services to ensure success!