Taking care of family is taking care of business first!
Family farms are the bedrock of Canada’s economy.

But farming as an industry begs the question:  Why are farmers the root of everyone else’s success in agriculture? 

And why aren’t successor generations preparing themselves for the eventual transfer of their farming business onto their children in such a way so they don’t penalize them with family situations that could serve to ruin family relationships?
Dave addresses these issue and provides his audiences with concrete solutions that can save farmers time, money and heartache.

Dave is just beginning to address Alberta family farm issues after nearly 25 years of farm and business planning experiences.  After just two recent hour and two hour solo presentations to farmers and a farm organization, he received an 87% audience approval rating for relevance and inspiration.  

Speaking arrangements can be made via email at dave.advisory@gmail.com or by phoning 780-563-0078. 

He speaks at farm industry related conferences, seminars and association AGM’s. 
As a professional speaker focusing on family farm succession and transitions planning, Dave encourages farm family businesses to take stock of their present situations relative to tax reporting, the transfer of responsibilities and operations to succeeding generations.
As a person involved in farming and familiar with today's farming issues, I found Dave Horner's May 30, 2017 presentation to the West Central Forage Association timely, meaningful, and motivational, and was received positively by those in attendance.
- Melissa Freeman

Dave Spoke to farm transition planning at a local event.  Dave is very engaging and relates well to an audience.  His passion for people and desire for their success is highly evident. I would definitely rate the workshop (where he was the lone presenter) a success.
- Kim Barkwell, BSC. Ag, County of Wetaskawin